Unit 9

1 Negative auxiliaries

a don't e isn't h doesn't b didn't f won't/ i hadn't c haven't isn't j hasn't d aren't g 'm not

2 no, not, -n't, or none?

a not b n't c not d not e no f Not g none h no i n't j not k Not 1 none m No n no o None p Not

3 Making sentences mean the opposite (Sample answers) a None of the students passed the

exam, so their teacher was

furious/disappointed. b Tom was an unsuccessful

businessman who achieved very

little in his life. c Our house is easy to find. No one

ever gets lost. d We had a terrible time in Venice. - .

There were too many people there. e You mustn't exercise your ankle. Try

not to move it at all. f I don't have to iron my shirt. I'm

not going out tonight. g You don't need to/needn't come

with me. I'll go on my own. h I wasn't in a hurry because I didn't

need to go to the shops. i You ought not to have given the dog

anything to eat. j I told you not to go to work. Why

aren't you in bed?

4 / don't think you're right

a. I don't suppose you've got... b The machine doesn't seem to be


c I didn't think it was going to rain. d They don't want their daughter to

marry a footballer. e I didn't expect to see you ... f I don't suppose you've seen ... g I don't think I'd like snails. h I don't expect you remember me.

i She doesn't seem to like her job. j I don't believe she got grade A ...

5 Buzz Aldrin

a When did man first walk on the


b Who went first? c How long has Buzz Aldrin been

travelling the world? d Where was he born? e Which military academy did he

graduate from?

f Where did he serve as a pilot? g When was he chosen as an

astronaut? h When was Apollo 11 launched to

the moon?

i How long did the mission last? j What happened to Buzz when he


k What did he suffer from? 1 How many children did he have

from his first marriage? m How many times has he been


n Who saved him from self-destruction? o Who do they live with? p How many cars do they have? q What sort of books has he written? r When was Encounter with Tiber

published? s What does he do with himself these


6 Dialogues

a Who made that mess ...?

What were you doing?

When are you going to tidy it up? b What was it like?

Who did you talk to?


What went wrong?

What about? c What for/Why?

Who was he attacked by/Who by?

What was he doing/Where was he

when ...?

How is he?

Which hospital was he taken to?

How long is he going to be in


7 Questions and prepositions

Exercise 1

a by b to c at d on e for f in g about h of i from j with

Exercise 2

a Whatabout? e Who for? b Where to? f Who to? c Whatabout? g What with? d How long for?

8 How... 7 and What... like?

a What's he like?

b How was school today?

c What was the food like?

d How was your journey?

e What's the weather like?

f How is/was she?

g What's it like?

h How's your job these days?

9 Negative questions

a2 bl c3 d4 e5 f6 g 8 h 7 .i 9 j 10 k 12 1 11

10 Antonyms and synonyms A B

unkind cruel dishonest deceitful incredible unbelievable disappear vanish unfair biased displeased annoyed discontinue halt unfasten undo abnormal exceptional unemployed redundant unfriendly hostile distrust suspect unprofessional amateur unknown anonymous discover/uncover reveal unsafe hazardous abuse/misuse damage improbable unlikely unimportant trivial unemotional reserved

11 Hot Verbs keep and /ose Exercise 1

keep calm a promise going

in touch with sb sb company

your nerve a secret sb waiting

your temper fit lose weight your way your nerve

your temper

Exercise 2

a keep in touch e lost my nerve b lost my temper f keep fit c keep going g Keep calm d keep a secret h lost my way

12 Phrasal verbs and nouns

that go together Exercise 1

come up with a new idea, a plan beat up an old man, a victim of a

crime break into a house, a flat, to steal

something break off a relationship, an


bring out a new product on the market bring up children to be honest and

hard-working clear out a cupboard and throw out

what you don't want count on your best friend to help you deal with a problem, a complaint, a

difficult customer drop out of a university course after

one year fit in with the other people in the


look up to someone you respect point out a fact that someone might

not be aware of take back what I said -1 didn't mean

it tell off a naughty child

Exercise 2

a clear out h come up with b are bringing out i told Tom off c broke into j deal with d beat him up k fit in with

e looked up to 1 drop out of f I take it all back. m count on g I'll point him out n brought me up

13 Intonation in question tags Exercise 1

a aren't you? V g aren't I? V b wasn't it? V h have you? A c could you? A i isn't it? V d isn't he? V j weren't we? V e isn't it? V k would you? A f has he? A 1 had we? V

Exercise 2

a You like that car, don't you? V b Vanessa, you're going to Rome next

week, aren't you? A c That was awful, wasn't it? V d You haven't borrowed my new coat

again, have you? A e You couldn't water my plants while

I'm away, could you? A

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