Ill in an unkind or critical way.

Well in a kind way.

ill well. ill unkind, kind+un, un , .

Poor rich

It is only that he has better means of having it than many others, because he is rich, and many others are poor.

Poor having very little money with which to buy ones basic needs.

Rich having a lot of money or property; wealthy.

little a lot, .

, , , , NOT un-; in-(il-; im-; ir-;) dis-; less. .

Defence - offence

Best defence is offence.

Today yesterday

The superstition of today is the science of yesterday.

Good - bad

Whats good about not being bad?

Alike different

It was unbelievable two people could look so much alike and be so completely and utterly different.

Difficult easy

They were not difficult and for a girl of Robertas natural grace and zest, easy.

Alike different

How is it that two people, just a brother and sister, can be so alike and so different?

Despair hope

Sometimes i hope, my dear, and sometimes i dont quite despair, but nearly.

Dimish increase

The softness of Dinnys feelings dimished the watchfulness increased.

Drunk sober

You are very drunk, Gwen said. Sober as a judge, he said.

Early late

At first it was too early for the boy to be received into the proper refuge and at last it was too late.

Evil good

And so the factory came to be regarded as a good thing, not an evil.

Failure success

Naturally i went to evert a conflict in with success would damage me and failure disable me.

Fast loose

Surely Fleur would see in the long run that he couldnt play fast and loose.

Fear hope

A strange conflict of hopes and fears raged within Dinny.

Above below

One is too far below me ( i mean in her own opinion ), and the other is too high above me.

Absence presence

To him the presence or absence of his wifes sister was a matter of indifference.

Absolute relative

His vitality was absolute, not relative.

Accept decline

I cannot accept this offer, Lord Caversham, i have made up my mind to decline it.

Act word

A brawl or boil is a rude quarrel by word or act or both.

Active passive

This was no passive belief, but an active weapon which they flashed more convenient places of business.

Dead alive

Speak he cried, and tell us whether you are alive or dead

Answer ask

It is always worth while asking a question, though it is not always worth answering one.

Attack defence

Dyke had stood between cab and fender through out all the duel, exposed, reckless, thinking only of attack and not of defence.

Back forward

He distinguished the choice open to him of forward or back, and he selected forward.

Beast man

But man or beast, it will be wise to stay here a minute and let get by and out of the way.

Begin end

Romance should never begin with sentiment. It should begin with science and end with a settlement.

Clever foolish

You dont mean to say that this charming, clever young lady has been so foolish as to accept you?

Begin finish

Office affairs are easy to begin and difficult to finish, particularly in a small town.

Cold hot

First you are hot, then you are cold, and the best you have got is the fact you are old.

Complicated simple

But this is complicated. -And on the paper very simple, Robert Jordon grinned.

Cool warm

For the first time her lips were not cool, shut and sisterly, but warm and open and delicious.

Dangerous safe

But i think you are unreasonable. A thing cannot be bad because it is too dangerous and too safe.

Darkness light

Therefor whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in light.

Deed word

Annie Bauman was the only one who did not feel ashamed to avow herself by word and deed the companion of Gretel and them.

Find lose

You do that when youve lost a horseshoe that youve found, instead of nailing it up over the door.

Forget remember

Soldiers must not forget, they said, soldiers must not remember; all thats treason.

Friend enemy

I asked for us to be friends, Margaret, not enemies.

Gain loss

Let us weigh the gain and loss, he quoted, in wagering that God is, let us entimate these chances. If you gained, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing.

Good harm

He must have been doing more harm than good around here.

Give receive

We know what we give, we cannot know what we receive.

Guilty innocent

So the law assumed there must be one guilty party, and one innocent party who has been wronged by desertion of the matrimonial bed.

Happy miserable

He seemed to think it remarkable that he should be so miserable in axactly the same place where he had once been happy.

Heavy light

His head felt empty, light as air; his feet were heavy as lead.


The journey from ignorance to knowledge of an individual student may remain a unique series of events whilst being controlled by a set of fixed rules.

Left right

Dora paid grocery bills right and left for two years.

Loathe love

If a man and woman sinned, let them go for into the desert to love or loathe each other there.

Lose win

Win or lose nothing worse for public life than private ruction.

Never now

This overmastering wish of this for its fulfilment it was now or never with him!

War peace

I do not claim that, even today, the issues of right and wrong, of war and peace are so clear to everyone as they were in my special circumstances.

Pleasure sorrow

Whether from pleasure or from sorrow, great tears fell from my stupid eyes on Lornas letter.

Private public

Yet, Monseigneur had slowly found that vulgar embarrassment crept into his affairs, both private and public.

Rise sink

Martin sank or rose to Clifs buoyancy, while Clif rose or sank to Martins speculativeness.

Ancient modern

Thats the modern views, anyway, According to report the ancient one too.

Annoy please

He began to believe she might be in love with him and the thought was both pleasing and annoying.

Artificial natural

He made the most dismal sounds ive ever heard produced by any means, natural or artificial.

Blessing curse

Still, as i see it, marriage is a very sacred thing and children are a blessing not a curse.

Comedy tragedy

Old young

The sole is born old but grows young. That is the comedy of life. And the body is born young and grows old. That is lifes tragedy.

Ashamed proud

I know what love means now, and instead of being ashamed of, im proud of it.

Fast slow

They sent me down a succession of compact, 9 boys who used to go fast when i wanted to go slow, and slow when i wanted to go fast.

Giant pigmy

So you think your friend in the city will be hard upon me, if i fail a payment? says the trooper, looking down upon him like a giant. My dear friend, i am afraid he will, returns the old man looking up at him like a pigmy.

Open close

Maida opened ii just wide enough for me to enter, then closed it again quickly.

Question answer

A lot of nice one, eh? said Maida, she had the local habit of placing the word eh at the end of her remarks, questions and answers alike.

Young old

Kathleen was a little younger then me, but looked much older.

Man woman

Ill say, man said Isa, for she also used the common currency, adding man to most of the statements she addressed to man and woman alike.

Black white

I have no objection to sit down and listen, but i dont see how than can make black white.

Boy girl

Thomas, if its a boy, she said after my uncle. But if its a girl id like something fancy for a first name.

More less

But she kept eyeing Henry with interest, and the reproachful tone was more or less a routine affair.

Come go

The hell with the money: come easy go easy.

Clean dirty

She didnt simply look clean, she looked as if she had never been dirty.

Lie truth

And remember, the truth, however ashamed of it you may be, is better than any lie.

With - without

We must not think of the things we could do with but only of the things that we cant do without.

Love money

Dehn, son in law, who had married Pamela whether for love or money was never quite clear to the widow.

Here there

There were ships of mail standing like ghosts in armour, here and there.

Near far

Near, far wherever you are, i believe that the heart does go on.

, , : un -, , , ; ; in -; (il -; im -; ir -;); dis -, , , , ; less, ..

: Willing unwilling

Gordon had made Smith an easy partner in these thefts, not willing and unwilling, but simply an assumed partner.

Willing done, given, etc. readily or enthusiastically.

Unwilling not wanted to do something.

unwilling NOT, , .

Happy unhappy

Sue, i believe you are not happy Of course, i am! she contracted. How can a woman be unhappy who has only been married eight weeks to a man she chose freely?

Happy fortunate, lucky.

Unhappy unfortunate; that is or should be regarded.

unhappy unfortunate, fortunate+un, , .

Honest dishonest

This man Steuer fancied that he was dishonest, and that he, Mallenhauer, was honest.

Honest telling the truth; not lying.

Dishonest not honest.

dishonest NOT, , .

Approve disapprove

Who am i to approve or disapprove?

Approve to feel or believe that somebody/something is good, acceptable or satisfactory.

Disapprove to consider somebody/something to be bad, wrong, foolish.

good bad, .

Dependent - independent

Were all really dependent in nearly everything and we make a fuss about being independent in something.

Dependent needing somebody/something in order to live or survive.

Independent not dependent on other people or thing.

independent NOT, , .

Human inhuman

Like dislike

But why do you like markets and dislike stories? Because markets are human and stories inhuman.

Human kind, good.

Inhuman lacking normal human qualities of kindness, pity, etc, extremely cruel.

good cruel, .

Legal illegal

They rallied the Negro people and their allies against the lynches, legal and illegal.

Legal of, based on or concerned with the law.

Illegal against the law; not legal.

illegal NOT, , .

Visible invisible

In the see there are more things invisible, than visible.

Visible that can be seen; in sight.

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