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Пословицы, поговорки английского языка. Их значение, употребление и русские эквиваленты



1.     Английские и русские пословицы и поговорки, М.И. Дубровин.

Москва: Просвещение, 1993 год;

2.     Русско-английский словарь пословиц и поговорок, С.С. Кузьмин, Н.Л. Шадрин. Москва: Русский язык, 1989год;

3.     Англо-русский фразеологический словарь, А.В. Кунин. 4 издание, Москва, 1984 год;

4.     Крылатые слова: их происхождение и значение, Н. М. Эльянова.

Ленинград: Просвещение, 1971 год;

5.     Практикум по фразеологии современного английского языка. Пособие для студентов пединститутов (на английском языке).

Ленинград: Просвещение, 1971год.

6.     Экспрессивность текста и перевод, М.А. Козырев.

И-во казанского университета, 1991.

Приложение 1



1. You cannot eat your cake and have it.

Нельзя одновременно съесть лепешку и иметь

 ее (дословный перевод).


Один пирог два раза не съешь (русская  пословица).

Пословица в ситуации:  Make a choice. You mustn’t have two things.

 You must have one or the other, not both. Do you know the English proverb:

”You cannot eat your cake and have it."

2. Custom is a second nature.

Привычка – вторая натура. В данном случае

дословный перевод совпадает с русской пословицей.

Пословица в ситуации: A young woman wants her mother to move to town and

 live with her and her family. “If you live in town a bit longer, I’m sure you’ll like

 it.” “No, I’m afraid I shan’t get accustomed to town life.  I like the woods and the

 river. Custom is a second nature, they say.”

3. A man can die but once.

Человек может умереть лишь один раз.


Двум смертям не бывать, а одной не миновать.

Пословица в ситуации: A father and his son were standing on the bank of a

stream. The son jumped over it, but the father was afraid to. At last, murmuring,

“A man can die but once,” the father jumped – and fell into the muddy water.

But the young man quickly pulled him up onto the bank.

4. A cat in gloves catches no mice.

Кот в перчатках мышей не поймает.


Без труда не вытащишь и рыбки из пруда.

Пословица в ситуации: Mary wants her mother to make a nice cake, but she

 doesn’t want to go to the shop to buy eggs and butter. “A cat in gloves catches

 no mice. There’ll be no cake for you then,” says Mary’s mother.


5. Murder will out.

Убийство раскроется (дословный перевод).



Шила в мешке не утаишь (русская  пословица).                                          

Пословица в ситуации“You know, Dad, when I was ten I didn’t like geography

and often got bad marks at geography lessons. So I tried to hide my day-book with

bad marks in it.” “Why, Fred, do you think I didn’t guess what you had done?

Murder will out, after all.”

6. If the cap fits, wear it.

Если шапка подходит, носи ее.

На воре шапка горит.

Пословица в ситуации: “Don’t you speak to me in that manner!” said Mary.

“Do you think I took your book and lost it?” “Well, if the cap fits, wear it,”

 answered Kate.

7. Deeds, not words.

Нужны дела, а не слова.


О человеке судят по его делам.

Пословица в ситуации: Mother! What does the proverb ‘Deeds, not words’

mean?” “It means that a person is known and judged more by his actions than

 by what he says.”

8. Every dog has his day.

У каждой собаки свой праздник бывает.


Будет и на нашей улице праздник.

Пословица в ситуации: “I’m lucky today, your turn will come later on

. Tomorrow our positions may be reserved.” “Yes, every dog has his day

and good fortune comes once to all of us.”





9. A drowning man will catch a straw.

Утопающий за соломинку схватится

(дословный перевод).


Утопающий хватается за соломинку

(русская  пословица).

Пословица в ситуации“The young man will lose his sight, I am afraid,

 but still he and his parents hope when he gets stronger we shall be able to restore it”, said

the doctor. “A drowning man will catch at a straw,” his friend remarked.

10. There is no smoke without fire.

Нет дыма без огня.  

Дословный перевод совпадает с русской пословицей.

Пословица в ситуации: “Who told you this? Mary? I can’t believe that Paul

 could let his friends down,” said Betty. “Believe it or not as you like, but there

 is no smoke without fire,” answered Mike.

11. Pride goes before a fall.

Гордыня до добра не доводит.


Кто слишком высоко летает, тот низко падает.

Пословица в ситуации: Mary boasted that she would be a scientist, yet she

 couldn’t enter the institute. “Remember, pride goes before a fall,” her friend said to her.

12. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Чтобы узнать, каков пудинг, надо его отведать.


Все проверяется на практике.

Обед узнают по кушанью, а ум по слушанью.

Пословица в ситуации: “I think that our young friend John is taking a big

 risk by starting up business of his own.” “It’s hard to say yet. He may make

a success of it. After all the proof of the pudding is in the eating, isn’t it?”





13. Neck or nothing.

Либо добьюсь, либо себе шею сверну (дословный



Либо пан, либо пропал (русская  пословица).

Пословица в ситуацииHe trained very much for the competition.

 “It would be neck or nothing,” he said. He would break the school record

 in boxing and set a new one.

14. Cut your coat according to your cloth.

Крои пальто в соответствии с материалом. 

По одежке протягивай ножки.

Пословица в ситуации: The girl was poor and had to cut her coat according

To her cloth.

15. Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.

Не считай цыплят, пока они не вылупились.


Цыплят по осени считают.

Пословица в ситуации: “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched,

” said Mary. “A coward’s proverb,” cried Mike gaily. “You lose half the fun,

 if you don’t.”

16. Care killed the cat.

Забота убила кошку.


Заботы до добра не доводят.

Не работа старит, а забота.

Пословица в ситуации:

“Come, come,” said Tom, “stop this talk. Care killed the cat.”





17. Practise what you preach.

Поступай так, как проповедуешь (дословный перевод).


Слова не должны расходиться с делом (русская 


Пословица в ситуацииThe moral of the proverb “Practise what you

 preach” is: behave in the same way as you advise others to behave. Do not

 recommend early rising if you yourself lie in bed till noon.

18. It is no use crying over spilt milk.

Бесполезно лить слезы над пролитым молоком.

Слезами горю не поможешь.

Потерянного не воротишь.

Пословица в ситуации: There was a long silence, then he said, “Well,

 I judge there’s no use crying over spilt milk.”

19. The devil is not so black as he is painted.

Не так черен дьявол, как его рисуют.


Не так страшен черт, как его малюют.

Пословица в ситуации: When Victor failed in the examination, life suddenly

 seemed very hard. But his father said that the devil was not so

black as he was painted, and that Victor must try and take the examination


20. To make a silk purse out of the sow’s ear.

Сделать шелковый кошелек из уха свиньи.


Сделать человека.

Пословица в ситуации: The boy was coarse and had bad manners. But he

was good at heart. It was quite possible to make a silk purse out of that sow’s ear.






21. Brevity is the soul of wit.

Краткость - душа ума (остроумия) (дословный перевод).


Краткость - сестра таланта (русская  пословица).

Пословица в ситуацииHe always writes short letters, he believes that

 brevity is the soul of wit.

22. No news is good news.

Отсутствие новостей - хорошая новость.

Лучшая новость - отсутствие всякой новости.

Пословица в ситуации: The doctor said, 'Then there’s no news at all;

 and no news, they say, is good news.'

23. Don’t trouble trouble until trouble troubles you?

Не тревожь беду, пока беда сама не потревожит



Не кличь беду, сама придет.

Не буди лихa, пока лихо тихо.

Пословица в ситуации: His heart felt heavy with the thought that something was about

 to happen. “Don’t trouble trouble until trouble troubles you!’ said Mary angrily. And at

 once he felt a little better.

24. East or West, home is best.

Восток ли, запад ли, а дома лучше всего.


В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше.

Пословица в ситуации: She was standing on the same bridge talking to

Bob, whom she had not seen for five years. Well, East or West, home is best!

 She was happy to be at home again.


25. A good beginning makes a good ending.

Хорошее начало обеспечивает хороший конец (дословный перевод).



. Доброе начало полдела откачало (русская  пословица). Лиха беда начало


Пословица в ситуацииThe first time-period was over with the score 2:0. The coach was pleased with the result. A good beginning makes a good ending.


26. Great boast, small roast.

Много похвальбы, да мало жареного.


Звону много, толку мало.


Пословица в ситуации: Mr. Green was not a modest person. He liked to boast his rich house, his pretty garden, his clever children and many other things. Neighbors said about him: “Great boast, small roast.”


27. Don’t cross a bridge till you come to it.

Не переходи моста, пока ты до него не добрался.



Наперед не загадывай.


Пословица в ситуации: Don’t worry about something before it has happened. Your fears may be groundless, for it may never happen. You mustn’t cross a bridge till you come to it.


28. Bad news travels fast.

Плохая весть быстро передается.



Худые вести не лежат на месте.

Плохая молва на крыльях летит.


Пословица в ситуации: The proverb “Bad news travels fast” means that bad news nearly always reaches us more quickly than good news


29. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

Почеши мне спину, тогда я твою почешу

(дословный перевод).



Услуга за услугу (русская  пословица).

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