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D12 : How Come
D12 : My Band
DJ Tiesto : Close to You
DJ Z-Trip : Walking Dead
DMX : Damien 3
DMX : Party Up
DMX : Prayer
Da Shootaz : Grand Theft Auto
Daddy Yankee : Impacto
Dan Balan : Crazy Loop
Dan Balan : Seventeen
Dan Balan : The MaYa Hee Song
Dan Balan : Uh Ahh Yeah
Dan Hill : It Is a Long Road
Daniel Powter : Bad Day
Danity Kane : Poetry
Danity Kane : Stay with Me
Dannii Minogue : You Wont Forget About Me
Danny : If Only You
Danny : Radio
Danny : Tokyo
Dante Thomas : Miss California
Danzel : My Arms Keep Missing You
Danzel : Pump It Up
Danzel : You Spin Me Right Round
Dargaard : Demon Eyes
Darin : Breathing Your Love
Darin : Step Up
Darren Hayes : I Miss You
Darren Hayes : Insatiable
Darren Hayes : What You Like
Daughtry : All These Lives
Daughtry : Breakdown
Daughtry : Crashed
Daughtry : Feels Like Tonight
Daughtry : Gone
Daughtry : Home
Daughtry : Its Not Over
Daughtry : Over You
Daughtry : There And Back Again
Daughtry : Used to
Daughtry : What I Want
Daughtry : What about Now
Dave Gahan : Dirty Sticky Floor
Dave Gahan : Miracles
David Bowie : Five Years
David Bowie : Station To Station
David Guetta : Baby When the Light
David Guetta : Delirious
David Guetta : Dont Be Afraid
David Guetta : Everytime We Touch
David Guetta : Higher
David Guetta : In Love With Myself
David Guetta : Just a Little More Love
David Guetta : Love Is Gone
David Guetta : Money
David Guetta : Stay
David Guetta : The World Is Mine
David Guetta : Time
David Guetta : Tomorrow Can Wait
David Guetta : When Love Takes Over
David Travare : Call Me Baby (If You Dont Know My Name)
David Usher : Black Black Heart
David Vendetta : Bleeding Heart
David Vendetta : Freaky Girl
David Vendetta : Unidos para la Musica
De Javu : I Cant Stop
De Toppers : Shine
Dean Martin : Sway
Death : Spirit Crusher
Deathstars : Blitzkrieg
Deathstars : Cyanide
Deathstars : Greatest Fight on Earth
Deathstars : Tongues
Deathstars : Virtue to Vice
Deep Purple : A Touch Away
Deep Purple : Burn!
Deep Purple : Child In Time
Deep Purple : Fortuneteller
Deep Purple : Highway Star
Deep Purple : Smoke On the Water
Deep Purple : Soldier of Fortune
Deep Purple : When a Blind Man Cries
Deep Spirit : Lonely
Deepest Blue : Give It Away
Deftones : Beware
Deftones : Change
Deftones : Hexagram
Deftones : Hole in the Earth
Deftones : Lucky You
Deftones : Minerva
Deftones : No Ordinary Love
Deftones : Rats! Rats! Rats!
Del Shannon : Runaway
Delain : April Rain
Delain : Frozen
Delain : Silhouette of a Dancer
Delgados, The : Woke from Dreaming
Delirium : Silence
Delta Goodrem : Lost without You
Demis Roussos : From Souvenirs To Souvenirs
Demis Roussos : We Shall Dance
Depeche Mode : A Pain That Im Used To
Depeche Mode : A Question Of Lust
Depeche Mode : A Question of Time
Depeche Mode : Barrel Of A Gun
Depeche Mode : Behind The Wheel
Depeche Mode : Better Days
Depeche Mode : Black Celebration
Depeche Mode : Blue Dress
Depeche Mode : But Not Tonight
Depeche Mode : Damaged People
Depeche Mode : Dream On
Depeche Mode : Dressed in Black
Depeche Mode : Enjoy the Silence
Depeche Mode : Fly on the Windscreen - Final
Depeche Mode : Free
Depeche Mode : Free love
Depeche Mode : Freestate
Depeche Mode : Halo
Depeche Mode : Higher Love
Depeche Mode : Home
Depeche Mode : I Feel Loved
Depeche Mode : I Want It All
Depeche Mode : I Want You Now
Depeche Mode : In Your Room
Depeche Mode : Insight
Depeche Mode : It Doesnt Matter
Depeche Mode : It Doesnt Matter Part Two
Depeche Mode : Its Called a Heart
Depeche Mode : Its No Good
Depeche Mode : Judas
Depeche Mode : Just Cant Get Enough
Depeche Mode : Lie to Me
Depeche Mode : Lillian
Depeche Mode : Little 15
Depeche Mode : Martyr
Depeche Mode : Mercy in You
Depeche Mode : Never Let Me Down Again
Depeche Mode : Nothing
Depeche Mode : Nothing Impossible
Depeche Mode : Only When I Lose Myself
Depeche Mode : Peace
Depeche Mode : Personal Jesus
Depeche Mode : Policy of Truth
Depeche Mode : Precious
Depeche Mode : Sacred
Depeche Mode : Shouldnt Have Done That
Depeche Mode : Sister of Night
Depeche Mode : Somebody
Depeche Mode : Sometimes
Depeche Mode : Strangelove
Depeche Mode : Stripped
Depeche Mode : Suffer Well
Depeche Mode : Surrender
Depeche Mode : The Bottom Line
Depeche Mode : The Darkest Star
Depeche Mode : The Dead of Night
Depeche Mode : The Love Thieves
Depeche Mode : The Meaning of Love
Depeche Mode : The Sinner in Me
Depeche Mode : The Things You Said
Depeche Mode : To Have And To Hold
Depeche Mode : Useless
Depeche Mode : Waiting for the Night
Depeche Mode : Walking in My Shoes
Depeche Mode : When the Body Speaks
Depeche Mode : World Full of Nothing
Depeche Mode : World In My Eyes
Depeche Mode : Wrong
Despina Vandi : Opa-Opa
Desree : Life
Destinys Child : Bootylicious
Destinys Child : Bug A Boo
Destinys Child : Cater 2 U
Destinys Child : Girl
Destinys Child : Independent Women
Destinys Child : Killing Time
Destinys Child : Lose My Breath
Destinys Child : My Heart Still Beats
Destinys Child : No, No, No (Part 2)
Destinys Child : Say My Name
Destinys Child : Soldier
Destinys Child : Survivor
Diana Krall : What Are You Doing New Years Eve
Diana Ross : If We Hold On Together
Diary Of Dreams : Cannibals
Diary Of Dreams : Psycho-Logic
Diary Of Dreams : She
Diary Of Dreams : The Curse
Dido : Afraid to Sleep
Dido : All You Want
Dido : Dont Believe in Love
Dido : Dont Leave Home
Dido : Dont Think of Me
Dido : Here With Me
Dido : Hunter
Dido : Isobel
Dido : Life For Rent
Dido : Marys In India
Dido : My Life
Dido : My Lovers Gone
Dido : Sand In My Shoes
Dido : Thank You
Dido : This Land Is Mine
Dido : White Flag
Dido : Who Makes You Feel
Dima Bilan (Дима Билан) : Amnesia
Dima Bilan (Дима Билан) : Believe
Dima Bilan (Дима Билан) : Between Sky and Heaven
Dima Bilan (Дима Билан) : Lady Flame
Dima Bilan (Дима Билан) : Lonely
Dima Bilan (Дима Билан) : Mistakes
Dima Bilan (Дима Билан) : Never Let You Go
Dima Bilan (Дима Билан) : Not That Simple
Dima Bilan (Дима Билан) : Number One Fan
Dima Bilan (Дима Билан) : See What I See
Dima Koldun (Дима Колдун) : Work Your Magic
Diorama : Belle
Diorama : Masquerades And Faces
Dire Straits : Brother in Arms
Dire Straits : Sultans of Swing
Dire Straits : Ticket to Heaven
Disarmonia Mundi : Red Clouds
Disturbed : Avarice
Disturbed : Believe
Disturbed : Bound
Disturbed : Conflict
Disturbed : Criminal
Disturbed : Darkness
Disturbed : Decadence
Disturbed : Deify
Disturbed : Devour
Disturbed : Down with the Sickness
Disturbed : Dropping Plates
Disturbed : Facade
Disturbed : Fear
Disturbed : Guarded
Disturbed : Im Alive
Disturbed : Indestructible
Disturbed : Inside the Fire
Disturbed : Land of Confusion
Disturbed : Liberate
Disturbed : Prayer
Disturbed : Stricken
Disturbed : The Night
Disturbed : Voices
Dixie Chicks, The : Not Ready To Make Nice
Dolores ORiordan : Accept Things
Dolores ORiordan : Human Spirit
Dolores ORiordan : In the Garden
Dolores ORiordan : October
Dolores ORiordan : Ordinary Day
Dolores ORiordan : Stay with Me
Dolores ORiordan : When We Were Young
Doors, The : Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
Doors, The : Hello, I Love You
Doors, The : Light My Fire
Doors, The : People Are Strange
Doors, The : The End
Dope Stars Inc : Can You Imagine
Dope Stars Inc : Just the Same for You
Doro : Black Rose
Dr. Alban : Its My Life
Draconian : The Solitude
Drake Bell : I Found a Way
Dream Evil : Losing You
Dream Evil : The Chosen Ones
Dream Theater : Disappear
Dream Theater : Space Dye Vest
Dream, The : Livin a Lie
Driveshaft : Calling You
Drop Dead, Gorgeous : 45223
Drop Dead, Gorgeous : Dressed for Friend Requests
Drop Dead, Gorgeous : E.R. (Emergency)
Drop Dead, Gorgeous : Girl, Are You On Your...
Drop Dead, Gorgeous : I Want to Master Life And Death
Drop Dead, Gorgeous : Knife vs Face Round 1
Drop Dead, Gorgeous : Marietta
Duffy : Delayed Devotion
Duffy : Mercy
Duffy : Rain on Your Parade
Duffy : Stepping Stone
Duffy : Syrup and Honey
Duffy : Warwick Avenue
Duncan : I Just Died
Duran Duran : Bedroom Toys
Duran Duran : Come Undone
Duran Duran : Ordinary World
Duran Duran : Out Of My Mind
Duran Duran : Point of No Return
Duran Duran : What Happens Tomorrow