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MGMT : Time to Pretend
Madcon : Beggin
Madonna (Мадонна) : 4 Minutes to Save the World
Madonna (Мадонна) : Amazing
Madonna (Мадонна) : American Life
Madonna (Мадонна) : American Pie
Madonna (Мадонна) : Angel
Madonna (Мадонна) : Bad Girl
Madonna (Мадонна) : Beat Goes On
Madonna (Мадонна) : Candy Shop
Madonna (Мадонна) : Cry Baby
Madonna (Мадонна) : Dance Tonight
Madonna (Мадонна) : Devil Wouldnt Recognize You
Madonna (Мадонна) : Erotica
Madonna (Мадонна) : Forbidden Love
Madonna (Мадонна) : Frozen
Madonna (Мадонна) : Get Together
Madonna (Мадонна) : Give It to Me
Madonna (Мадонна) : Hollywood
Madonna (Мадонна) : Hung Up
Madonna (Мадонна) : Jump
Madonna (Мадонна) : La Isla Bonita
Madonna (Мадонна) : Like a Prayer
Madonna (Мадонна) : Like a Virgin
Madonna (Мадонна) : Love Dont Live Here
Madonna (Мадонна) : Love Profusion
Madonna (Мадонна) : Lucky Star
Madonna (Мадонна) : Material Girl
Madonna (Мадонна) : Miles Away
Madonna (Мадонна) : Music
Madonna (Мадонна) : Oh, Father
Madonna (Мадонна) : One More Chance
Madonna (Мадонна) : Papa Dont Preach
Madonna (Мадонна) : Paradise (Not For Me)
Madonna (Мадонна) : Push
Madonna (Мадонна) : Secret
Madonna (Мадонна) : Shes Not Me
Madonna (Мадонна) : Skin
Madonna (Мадонна) : Sorry
Madonna (Мадонна) : Stay
Madonna (Мадонна) : The Power Of Goodbye
Madonna (Мадонна) : This Used To Be My Playground
Madonna (Мадонна) : Time Stood Still
Madonna (Мадонна) : Vogue
Madonna (Мадонна) : Voices
Madonna (Мадонна) : Whys It So Hard
Madonna (Мадонна) : Youll See
Maggie Reilly : Everytime We Touch
Malena Ernman : La Voix
Mamas And The Papas, The : California Dreamin
Mandy Moore : Cry
Mandy Moore : Its Gonna Be Love
Mandy Moore : Only Hope
Mandy Moore : Someday Well Know
Mandy Moore : Stupid Cupid
Manhattans, The : Kiss And Say Goodbye
Manic Street Preachers : Indian Summer
Manowar : Blood of the Kings
Manowar : Hail And Kill
Manowar : Heart of Steel
Manowar : Kings of Metal
Manowar : Master of the Wind
Manowar : The Crown and the Ring
Manowar : Wheels of Fire
Manu Chao : Me Gustas Tu
Marc Almond : A Lover Spurned
Marc Terenzi : Love To Be Loved By You
Marc Terenzi : Red Rose
Mari Wilson : Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
Mariah Carey : Bringing on the Heartbreak
Mariah Carey : Bye Bye
Mariah Carey : Emotions
Mariah Carey : For the Record
Mariah Carey : Hero
Mariah Carey : I Dont Wanna Cry
Mariah Carey : I Stay in Love
Mariah Carey : Its Like That
Mariah Carey : Looking in
Mariah Carey : Make It Happen
Mariah Carey : Music Box
Mariah Carey : My All
Mariah Carey : One Sweet Day
Mariah Carey : Right to
Mariah Carey : Say Something
Mariah Carey : Shake It Off
Mariah Carey : Side Effects
Mariah Carey : The Roof
Mariah Carey : Through the Rain
Mariah Carey : Touch My Body
Mariah Carey : Vision Of Love
Mariah Carey : We Belong Together
Mariah Carey : When You Believe
Mariah Carey : Without You
Marie Digby : Spell
Marija Serifovic : Molitva
Marilyn Manson : (S)aint*
Marilyn Manson : Coma White
Marilyn Manson : Disassociative
Marilyn Manson : Eat Me, Drink Me
Marilyn Manson : Long Hard Road out of Hell
Marilyn Manson : Mobscene
Marilyn Manson : Para-Noir
Marilyn Manson : Rock Is Dead
Marilyn Manson : Sweet Dreams
Marilyn Manson : Tainted Love
Marilyn Manson : The Beautiful People
Mario : How Could You
Mario : Let Me Love You
Mario Vazquez : Gallery
Mario Winans : I Dont Wanna Know
Marius : Rain
Mark Brown : Help Me
Mark Knopfler : A Place Where We Used to Live
Mark Kon : Cipela
Markus Schulz : Cause You Know
Maroon 5 : Cant Stop
Maroon 5 : Goodnight Goodnight
Maroon 5 : Harder To Breathe
Maroon 5 : If I Never See Your Face Again
Maroon 5 : Infatuation
Maroon 5 : Losing My Mind
Maroon 5 : Makes Me Wonder
Maroon 5 : Miss You, Love You
Maroon 5 : Must Get Out
Maroon 5 : Myself
Maroon 5 : Not Coming Home
Maroon 5 : Nothing Lasts Forever
Maroon 5 : Pleasure Fucker
Maroon 5 : Ragdoll
Maroon 5 : Secret
Maroon 5 : She Will Be Loved
Maroon 5 : Shiver
Maroon 5 : Sunday Morning
Maroon 5 : Tangled
Maroon 5 : The Fog
Maroon 5 : The Sun
Maroon 5 : This Love
Maroon 5 : Through With You
Maroon 5 : Wake Up Call
Maroon 5 : Woman
Maroon 5 : Wont Go Home Without You
Martin Lee Gore : Strange
Mary Hopkin : Those Were The Days
Mary J. Blige : We Ride (I See the Future)
Mary Mary : Shackles (Praise You)
Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson : B-U-T-T Out
Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson : Brother for Sale
Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson : Double Up
Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson : I Am the Cute One
Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson : I Cant Hear My Parents Call
Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson : Identical Twins
Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson : Im a Kid
Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson : Lazy Rainy Afternoon
Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson : No One Tells the President What to Do
Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson : Our Dog Has Eaten Our Homework
Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson : Raptor in the Woods
Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson : Spirit of Christmas
Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson : The New Kid
Massari : Real Love
Massive Attack : Angel
Massive Attack : Protection
Matchbox Twenty : All I Need
Matisyahu : Jerusalem
Matt Pokora : Dangerous
Mattafix : Big City Life
Mattafix : Clear and Present Danger
Mattafix : The Means
Maywood : Pasadena
McFly : Home Is Where the Heart Is
McFly : The Heart Never Lies
McFly : Walk in the Sun
Meck : Thunder in My Heart
Meja : All About Money
Melanie C : First Day Of My Life
Melanie C : Never Be The Same Again
Melanie C : Next Best Superstar
Metallica : Devils Dance
Metallica : Die Die My Darling
Metallica : Enter Sandman
Metallica : Fade to Black
Metallica : Fixxer
Metallica : Mama Said
Metallica : Master of Puppets
Metallica : Nothing Else Matters
Metallica : One
Metallica : Prince Charming
Metallica : The Day That Never Comes
Metallica : The Unforgiven
Metallica : The Unforgiven II
Metallica : The Unforgiven III
Metallica : Trapped under Ice
Metallica : Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Metro Station : 17 Forever
Metro Station : Now That Were Done
Michael Bolton : Said I Loved You But I Lied
Michael Jackson : Beat It
Michael Jackson : Billie Jean
Michael Jackson : Black Or White
Michael Jackson : Childhood
Michael Jackson : Earth Song
Michael Jackson : Give in to Me
Michael Jackson : Gone Too Soon
Michael Jackson : Heal the World
Michael Jackson : In The Closet
Michael Jackson : Liberian Girl
Michael Jackson : Remember the Time
Michael Jackson : Thriller
Michael Jackson : Unbreakable
Michael Jackson : We Are the World
Michael Jackson : Who Is It
Michael Jackson : Why You Wanna Trip on Me
Michael Jackson : Will You Be There
Michael Jackson : You Are Not Alone
Mick Jagger : Sweet Thing
Miguel Angel Munoz : Diras Que Estoy Loco
Miguel Bose : Mientras Respire
Mika : Grace Kelly
Mika : Happy Ending
Mika : Love Today
Mika : Relax, Take It Easy
Mike Oldfield : Moonlight Shadow
Miley Cyrus : 7 Things
Miley Cyrus : Bottom of the Ocean
Miley Cyrus : Fly on the Wall
Miley Cyrus : Goodbye
Miley Cyrus : Hoedown Throwdown
Miley Cyrus : If We Were a Movie
Miley Cyrus : One in a Million
Miley Cyrus : Right Here
Miley Cyrus : Rockstar
Miley Cyrus : See You Again
Miley Cyrus : The Climb
Milton : I Can See It in Your Eyes
Mis-teeq : Scandalous (Armani Code)
Misfits : American Psycho
Misfits : Die Die My Darling
Misfits : Dig Up Her Bones
Moby : Beautiful
Moby : Disco Lies
Moby : Dream about Me
Moby : Flower
Moby : Lift Me Up
Moby : Mercy
Moby : Naturаl Blues
Moby : One of These Mornings
Moby : Porcelain
Moby : Slipping Away
Moby : Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad
Mocedades : Eres Tu
Modern Talking : Charlene
Modern Talking : Geron
Modern Talking : No Face, No Name, No Number
Modern Talking : Superstar
Modern Talking : Win the Race
Modern Talking : You Are Not Alone
Modern Talking : You Can Win If You Want
Modern Talking : Youre My Heart, Youre My Soul
Modern Talking : Youre Not Lisa
Modjo : Lady
Modjo : No More Tears
Modjo : Toy
Modjo : What I Mean
Moloko : Forever More
Monrose : What You Dont Know
Monrose : Yesterdays Gone
Moonspell : Luna
Moonspell : Opium
Morandi : Amore
Morandi : Angels
Morandi : Colors
Morandi : Come Home
Morandi : Crazy World
Morandi : Endless Love
Morandi : Ezayem (Feel Love)
Morandi : Falling Asleep
Morandi : Hiding from the Sun
Morandi : I Belong to You
Morandi : Love Me
Morandi : Oh La La
Morandi : RocknRoll My Baby
Morandi : Running
Morandi : Save Me
Morgenstern : Die Magd Des Herrn
Morgenstern : Gift
Morgenstern : Herzklopfen
Morgenstern : Ketzer
Morgenstern : Operie Femina
Morris Albert : Feelings
Morten Harket : Burning Out Again (A Kind of Christmas Card)
Motley Crue : Youre All I Need
Mr Fingers : Get Drill
Murderdolls : People Hate Me
Muse : Apocalypse Please
Muse : Assassin
Muse : Blackout
Muse : Bliss
Muse : Butterflies And Hurricanes
Muse : Cave
Muse : Citizen Erased
Muse : City of Delusion
Muse : Endlessly
Muse : Falling Away with You
Muse : Falling Down
Muse : Host
Muse : Hysteria
Muse : In Your World
Muse : Invincible
Muse : Map of the Problematique
Muse : New Born
Muse : Ruled by Secrecy
Muse : Showbiz
Muse : Sing for Absolution
Muse : Soldiers Poem
Muse : Space Dementia
Muse : Starlight
Muse : Stockholm Syndrome
Muse : Supermassive Black Hole
Muse : TSP (The Small Print)
Muse : Take a Bow
Muse : Thoughts Of a Dying Atheist
Muse : Time Is Running Out
Muse : Unintended
Mustafa Sandal : All My Life
My Chemical Romance : All I Want for Christmas
My Chemical Romance : Astro Zombies
My Chemical Romance : Blood (Hidden Track)
My Chemical Romance : Bury Me in Black
My Chemical Romance : Cancer
My Chemical Romance : Cemetery Drive
My Chemical Romance : Dead
My Chemical Romance : Demolition Lovers
My Chemical Romance : Desert Song
My Chemical Romance : Disenchanted
My Chemical Romance : Drowning Lessons
My Chemical Romance : Early Sunsets over Monroeville
My Chemical Romance : Famous Last Words
My Chemical Romance : Give Em Hell, Kid
My Chemical Romance : Hang Em High
My Chemical Romance : Headfirst for Halos
My Chemical Romance : Helena
My Chemical Romance : House of Wolves
My Chemical Romance : I Dont Love You
My Chemical Romance : I Never Told You What I Do for a Living
My Chemical Romance : Im Not Okay
My Chemical Romance : Its Not a Fashion Statement, Its a Deathwish
My Chemical Romance : Kill All Your Friends
My Chemical Romance : Mama
My Chemical Romance : My Way Home Is Through You
My Chemical Romance : Our Lady of Sorrows
My Chemical Romance : Skylines and Turnstiles
My Chemical Romance : Sleep
My Chemical Romance : Teenagers
My Chemical Romance : Thank You for the Venom
My Chemical Romance : The End
My Chemical Romance : The Ghost Of You
My Chemical Romance : The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You
My Chemical Romance : The Sharpest Lives
My Chemical Romance : This Is How I Disappear
My Chemical Romance : To the End
My Chemical Romance : Vampires Will Never Hurt You
My Chemical Romance : Welcome To The Black Parade
My Chemical Romance : You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison
Mylene Farmer : A Quoi je Sers...
Mylene Farmer : Ainsi Soit Je
Mylene Farmer : Alice
Mylene Farmer : Avant Que Lombre...
Mylene Farmer : Beyond My Control
Mylene Farmer : Californie
Mylene Farmer : Comme Jai Mal
Mylene Farmer : Dans les Rues de Londres
Mylene Farmer : Derri
Mylene Farmer : Desenchantee
Mylene Farmer : Deshabillez-Moi
Mylene Farmer : Fuck Them All
Mylene Farmer : Jattends
Mylene Farmer : Je Taime M
Mylene Farmer : Je Te Rends Ton Amour
Mylene Farmer : Lamour Cest Rien
Mylene Farmer : Les Mots
Mylene Farmer : Libertine
Mylene Farmer : Maman a Tort
Mylene Farmer : Pas de Doute
Mylene Farmer : Peut Etre Toi
Mylene Farmer : Porno Graphique
Mylene Farmer : Pourvu Quelles Soient Douces
Mylene Farmer : Psychiatric
Mylene Farmer : Que Mon Coeur Lache
Mylene Farmer : Regrets
Mylene Farmer : Rкver
Mylene Farmer : Sans Contrefacon
Mylene Farmer : Sans Logique
Mylene Farmer : Tous Ces Combats
Mylene Farmer : Vertige
Mylene Farmer : XXL
Mystic Prophecy : Dark Side of the Moon
Mystic Prophecy : Master of Sins