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Calling, The : Could It Be Any Harder
Calling, The : Wherever You Will Go
Camel : Song withing a Song
Cardigans, The : Erase And Rewind
Cardigans, The : Gran Turismo
Cardigans, The : My Favourite Game
Carmen Cuesta Loeb : Dreams
Carrie Underwood : Before He Cheats
Carrie Underwood : Jesus Take the Wheel
Carrie Underwood : Lessons Learned
Carrie Underwood : Starts with Goodbye
Cascada : Bad Boy
Cascada : Miracle
Cascada : Еverytime We Touch
Cassie : Is It You
Cassie : Long Way 2 Go
Cassie : Me and You
Celine Dion : A New Day Has Come
Celine Dion : All the Way
Celine Dion : I Hate You Then I Love You
Celine Dion : I Love You
Celine Dion : I Love You, Goodbye
Celine Dion : Its All Coming Back to Me Now
Celine Dion : Lets Talk About Love
Celine Dion : My Heart Will Go On
Celine Dion : Seduces Me
Celine Dion : Tell Him
Celine Dion : Thats The Way It Is
Celine Dion : The Power of Love
Celine Dion : The Prayer
Celine Dion : When I Need You
Cemetary : By My Own Hand
Century : Fall for You
Cesaria Evora : Besame Mucho
Chamillionaire : Ridin Dirty
Charlotte Perrelli : Hero
Chemical Brothers : Believe
Chemical Brothers : Galvanize
Cherish : Killa
Cherish : Superstar
Chester Bennington : Let Down
Chiara : What If
Chris Brown : Aint No Way (You Wont Love Me)
Chris Brown : Back 2 Back
Chris Brown : Fallen Angel
Chris Brown : Fatal Attraction
Chris Brown : Flying Solo
Chris Brown : Forever
Chris Brown : From My Heart
Chris Brown : Froze
Chris Brown : Kiss Kiss
Chris Brown : Run It!
Chris Brown : Say Goodbye
Chris Brown : Shawty Get Loose
Chris Brown : Superhuman
Chris Brown : Take You Down
Chris Brown : Wall To Wall
Chris Brown : With You
Chris Cornell : Long Gone
Chris Cornell : Never Far Away
Chris Cornell : You Know My Name
Chris De Burgh : Lady in Red
Chris Isaak : Wicked Game
Chris Linke : No Hero
Chris Rea : Driving Home for Christmas
Chris Rea : The Road to Hell
Chris Rea : Windy Town
Chrisette Michele : What You Do
Christina Aguilera : A Song for You
Christina Aguilera : Aint No Other Man
Christina Aguilera : All I Want Is You
Christina Aguilera : All Right Now
Christina Aguilera : At Last
Christina Aguilera : Back in the Day
Christina Aguilera : Beautiful
Christina Aguilera : Believe Me
Christina Aguilera : Candyman
Christina Aguilera : Cant Hold Us Down
Christina Aguilera : Christmas Time
Christina Aguilera : Contigo En La Distancia
Christina Aguilera : Cuando No Es Contigo
Christina Aguilera : Dirrty
Christina Aguilera : El Beso Del Final
Christina Aguilera : F.U.S.S. [For You, Scott Storch]
Christina Aguilera : Falsas Esperanzas
Christina Aguilera : Fighter
Christina Aguilera : Genie in a Bottle
Christina Aguilera : Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Christina Aguilera : Hurt
Christina Aguilera : Im OK
Christina Aguilera : Impossible
Christina Aguilera : Infatuation
Christina Aguilera : Infatuation (Primer Amor)
Christina Aguilera : Intro (Back to Basics)
Christina Aguilera : Keep On Singing My Song
Christina Aguilera : Keeps Gettin Better
Christina Aguilera : Lady Marmelade
Christina Aguilera : Makes Me Wanna Pray
Christina Aguilera : Mercy on Me
Christina Aguilera : Merry Christmas, Baby
Christina Aguilera : Oh Mother
Christina Aguilera : Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti
Christina Aguilera : Por Siempre Tu
Christina Aguilera : Reflection
Christina Aguilera : Save Me From Myself
Christina Aguilera : Si No Te Hubiera Conocido
Christina Aguilera : Slow Down Baby
Christina Aguilera : Somebodys Somebody
Christina Aguilera : Still Dirty
Christina Aguilera : Stripped Pt. 1
Christina Aguilera : Stripped Pt. 2
Christina Aguilera : The Christmas Song
Christina Aguilera : The Right Man
Christina Aguilera : The Voice Within
Christina Aguilera : This Christmas
Christina Aguilera : This Year
Christina Aguilera : Underappreciated
Christina Aguilera : Understand
Christina Aguilera : Walk Away
Christina Aguilera : Welcome
Christina Aguilera : Without You
Christina Aguilera : Xtinas Xmas
Christina Metaxa : Firefly
Christina Milian : Dip It Low
Christina Milian : It Hurts When
Christina Milian : Us Against the World
Ciara : 1,2 Step
Ciara : And I
Ciara : Cant Leave Em Alone
Ciara : Get Up
Ciara : Goodies
Ciara : Insecure
Ciara : Like a Boy
Ciara : Love Sex Magic
Ciara : Promise
Cinderella : Heartbreak Station
Cinema Bizarre : After the Rain
Cinema Bizarre : Angel in Disguise
Cinema Bizarre : Dysfunctional Family
Cinema Bizarre : Escape to the Stars
Cinema Bizarre : Forever or Never
Cinema Bizarre : Get Off
Cinema Bizarre : Heavensent
Cinema Bizarre : I Dont Believe
Cinema Bizarre : Love Songs
Cinema Bizarre : She Waits For Me
Cinema Bizarre : Silent Scream
Cinema Bizarre : The Silent Place
Cinema Bizarre : The Way We Are
Clawfinger : Biggest and the Best
Clawfinger : Point of No Return
Client : Here And Now
Cliff Richard : Girl, Youll Be a Woman Soon
Cold : Dont Belong
Cold : End of the World
Cold : Suffocate
Cold : Wasted Years
Coldplay : 42
Coldplay : A Message
Coldplay : Cemeteries of London
Coldplay : Clocks
Coldplay : Fix You
Coldplay : Life in Technicolor II
Coldplay : Lost!
Coldplay : Lovers in Japan
Coldplay : Speed Of Sound
Coldplay : Talk
Coldplay : The Scientist
Coldplay : Violet Hill
Coldplay : Viva La Vida
Coldplay : Yellow
Coolio : Gangstas Paradise
Corbin Bleu : Push It to the Limit
Counting Crows : Accidentally in Love
Counting Crows : Colorblind
Cradle Of Filth : Absinth with Faust
Cradle Of Filth : An Enemy Led the Tempest
Cradle Of Filth : Libertina Grimm
Cradle Of Filth : Nymphetamine
Cradle Of Filth : The Forest Whispers My Name
Craig Armstrong : This Love
Craig David : 7 days
Craig David : All The Way (Stand Up)
Craig David : Awkward
Craig David : Cant Be Messing Round
Craig David : Dont Love You No More
Craig David : Im Walking Away
Craig David : Insomnia
Craig David : Lets Dance (Hot Stuff)
Craig David : Officially Yours
Craig David : Rise And Fall
Craig David : Unbelievable
Craig David : Whats Changed
Cranberries, The : Analyse
Cranberries, The : Animal Instinct
Cranberries, The : Bosnia
Cranberries, The : Carry on
Cranberries, The : Close to You
Cranberries, The : Cordell
Cranberries, The : Daffodil Lament
Cranberries, The : Do You Know
Cranberries, The : Dreams
Cranberries, The : Electric Blue
Cranberries, The : Empty
Cranberries, The : Fee Fi Fo
Cranberries, The : How
Cranberries, The : Loud And Clear
Cranberries, The : Never Grow Old
Cranberries, The : New New York
Cranberries, The : Not Sorry
Cranberries, The : Ode to My Family
Cranberries, The : Ridiculous Thoughts
Cranberries, The : Salvation
Cranberries, The : Shattered
Cranberries, The : So Cold in Ireland
Cranberries, The : Stars
Cranberries, The : The Promises
Cranberries, The : The Rebels
Cranberries, The : This Is the Day
Cranberries, The : Time Is Ticking Out
Cranberries, The : Wake Up And Smell the Coffee
Cranberries, The : Whats on Your Mind
Cranberries, The : You And Me
Cranberries, The : Zombie
Crazy Town : Butterfly
Crossfade : Cold
Cue : Hello
Cult, The : Painted on My Heart
Cure, The : Friday, Im in Love
Cure, The : Treasure