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R.I.O. : Shine On
REM : Losing My Religion
Radiohead : Creep
Radiohead : Fake Plastic Trees
Radiohead : Ive Seen It All
Radiohead : Karma Police
Radiohead : Myxomatosis
Radu Sirbu : Leave Me Alone
Rage : Down
Rage : Innocent
Rahman : Dreams on Fire
Rainbow : I Surrender
Rammstein : Alter Mann
Rammstein : Amerika
Rammstein : Amour
Rammstein : Benzin
Rammstein : Bestrafe Mich
Rammstein : Der Meister
Rammstein : Du Riechst So Gut
Rammstein : Du hast
Rammstein : Ein Lied
Rammstein : Engel
Rammstein : Feuer Frei
Rammstein : Heirate Mich
Rammstein : Ich Will
Rammstein : Kein Lust
Rammstein : Klavier
Rammstein : Kokain
Rammstein : Links 234
Rammstein : Mann Gegen Mann
Rammstein : Mein Herz Brennt
Rammstein : Mein Teil
Rammstein : Modell
Rammstein : Morgenstern
Rammstein : Moskau
Rammstein : Mutter
Rammstein : Nebel
Rammstein : Ohne Dich
Rammstein : Rammstein
Rammstein : Rein Raus
Rammstein : Reise, Reise
Rammstein : Rosenrot
Rammstein : Seemann
Rammstein : Sehnsucht
Rammstein : Sonne
Rammstein : Spiel Mit Mir
Rammstein : Spieluhr
Rammstein : Spring
Rammstein : Stein um Stein
Rammstein : Stirb Nicht Vor Mir
Rammstein : Stripped
Rammstein : Tier
Rammstein : Weisses Fleisch
Rammstein : Wilder Wein
Rammstein : Wo Bist Du
Rammstein : Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen
Rammstein : Zwitter
Ramones : I Remember Yo
Rasmus, The : Back In the Picture
Rasmus, The : Black Roses
Rasmus, The : Bullet
Rasmus, The : Chill
Rasmus, The : Dancer in the Dark
Rasmus, The : Dangerous Kind
Rasmus, The : Days
Rasmus, The : Dead Promises
Rasmus, The : Dont Let Go
Rasmus, The : Every Day
Rasmus, The : Everything You Say
Rasmus, The : F-F-F-Falling
Rasmus, The : First Day of My Life
Rasmus, The : Funeral Song
Rasmus, The : Ghost of Love
Rasmus, The : Guilty
Rasmus, The : Heart of Misery
Rasmus, The : Heartbreaker
Rasmus, The : Ice
Rasmus, The : If You Ever
Rasmus, The : Immortal
Rasmus, The : In My Life
Rasmus, The : In The Shadows
Rasmus, The : Justify
Rasmus, The : Keep Your Heart Broken
Rasmus, The : Last Generation
Rasmus, The : Last Waltz
Rasmus, The : Life 705
Rasmus, The : Liquid
Rasmus, The : Live Forever
Rasmus, The : Living in a World without You
Rasmus, The : Lost And Lonely
Rasmus, The : Lucifers Angel
Rasmus, The : Madness
Rasmus, The : Man in the Street
Rasmus, The : Night After Night (Out Of The Shadows)
Rasmus, The : No Fear
Rasmus, The : Not Like The Other Girls
Rasmus, The : One And Only
Rasmus, The : Open My Eyes
Rasmus, The : Play Dead
Rasmus, The : Run to You
Rasmus, The : Sail Away
Rasmus, The : Shot
Rasmus, The : Small Town
Rasmus, The : Smash
Rasmus, The : Someone Else
Rasmus, The : Still Standing
Rasmus, The : Ten Black Roses
Rasmus, The : The Fight
Rasmus, The : The One I Love
Rasmus, The : Time to Burn
Rasmus, The : Trigger
Rasmus, The : Used to Feel Before
Rasmus, The : Whatever
Rasmus, The : You Got It Wrong
Rasmus, The : Your Forgiveness
Ray Charles : Hit the Road Jack
Razorlight : Stinger
Razorlight : Wire to Wire
Reamonn : Sometimes
Reamonn : Supergirl
Reamonn : Tonight
Rebecca St James : Lion
Red : Aleady Over
Red : Death of Me
Red : Mystery of You
Red : Never Be the Same
Red : Pieces
Red : Shadows
Red Hot Chili Peppers : Around the World
Red Hot Chili Peppers : Breaking the Girl
Red Hot Chili Peppers : By the Way
Red Hot Chili Peppers : Californication
Red Hot Chili Peppers : Cant Stop
Red Hot Chili Peppers : Dani California
Red Hot Chili Peppers : Desecration Smile
Red Hot Chili Peppers : My Friends
Red Hot Chili Peppers : Otherside
Red Hot Chili Peppers : Scar Tissue
Red Hot Chili Peppers : Snow
Red Hot Chili Peppers : Tear
Red Hot Chili Peppers : Tell Me Baby
Red Hot Chili Peppers : The Zephyr Song
Red Hot Chili Peppers : Under the Bridge
Red Jumpsuit Aparatus, The : Face Down
Red Jumpsuit Aparatus, The : Your Guardian Angel
Rednex : Hold Me for a While
Rednex : Wish You Were Here
Reel 2 Real : I Like to Move It
Regina : Bistra Voda
Regina Spektor : Aching to Pupate
Regina Spektor : Apres Moi
Regina Spektor : Fidelity
Regina Spektor : Lady
Regina Spektor : Ode to Divorce
Regina Spektor : The Call
Regina Spektor : Us
Rembrandts, The : Ill Be There For You
Remy Zero : Save Me
Repo! The Genetic Opera (мюзикл) : Legal Assassin
Repo! The Genetic Opera (мюзикл) : Zydrate Anatomy
Reyli Barba : Amor Del Bueno
Richard Marx : Right Here Waiting
Richard X vs Liberty X : Being Nobody
Ricky Martin : I Dont Care
Ricky Martin : Livin La Vida Loca
Ricky Martin : Nobody Wants To Be Lonely
Ricky Martin : Private Emotion
Rihanna : A Girl Like Me
Rihanna : A Million Miles Away
Rihanna : Bad Girl
Rihanna : Break It Off
Rihanna : Breakin Dishes
Rihanna : Cinderella
Rihanna : Coulda Been the One
Rihanna : Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Rihanna : Cry
Rihanna : Dem Haters
Rihanna : Disturbia
Rihanna : Dont Even Try
Rihanna : Dont Stop the Music
Rihanna : Emergency Room
Rihanna : Final Goodbye
Rihanna : Give Me a Try
Rihanna : Good Girl Gone Bad
Rihanna : Happy
Rihanna : Hate That I Love You
Rihanna : Hatin on the Club
Rihanna : Haunted
Rihanna : Here I Go Again
Rihanna : If Its Lovin That You Want
Rihanna : Kisses Dont Lie
Rihanna : Lemme Get That
Rihanna : Like It
Rihanna : Music of the Sun
Rihanna : Now I Know
Rihanna : P.S. (Im Still Not Over)
Rihanna : Pon De Replay
Rihanna : Push Up On Me
Rihanna : Question Existing
Rihanna : Rehab
Rihanna : Rush
Rihanna : SOS
Rihanna : Say It
Rihanna : Selfish Girl
Rihanna : Sell Me Candy
Rihanna : Shut Up And Drive
Rihanna : Silly Boy
Rihanna : Take a Bow
Rihanna : Te Amo
Rihanna : The Last Time
Rihanna : Umbrella
Rihanna : Unfaithful
Rihanna : We Ride
Rihanna : Winning Women
Ringo Starr : Only You
Rise Against : Dancing for Rain
Rise Against : Give It All
Rise Against : Hero of War
Rise Against : Prayer of the Refugee
Roadrunner United : The End
Rob Dougan : Furious Angels
Rob Pattinson : Let Me Sign
Rob Pattinson : Never Think
Rob Thomas : Lonely No More
Rob Thomas : Streetcorner Symphony
Rob Thomas : This Is How a Heart Breaks
Robbie Williams : Advertising Space
Robbie Williams : Angels
Robbie Williams : Eternity
Robbie Williams : Feel
Robbie Williams : No Regrets
Robbie Williams : Road to Mandalay
Robbie Williams : Rock DJ
Robbie Williams : Rudebox
Robbie Williams : Shes Madonna
Robbie Williams : Shes the One
Robbie Williams : Sin Sin Sin
Robbie Williams : Supreme
Robbie Williams : Tripping
Robert John : The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Robert Palmer : Know by Now
Rod Stewart : Sailing
Roger Sanchez : Lost
Rolling Stones, The : Anybody Seen My Baby
Rolling Stones, The : So Easy
Rolling Stones, The : The Streets of Love
Ronan Keating : If Tomorrow Never Comes
Ronan Keating : When You Say Nothing At All
Roxette : Almost Unreal
Roxette : Breathe
Roxette : Fading Like a Flower
Roxette : How Do You Do
Roxette : It Must Have Been Love
Roxette : Listen To Your Heart
Roxette : Milk And Toast And Honey
Roxette : Queen of Rain
Roxette : Secrets That She Keeps
Roxette : Sleeping In My Car
Roxette : Spending My Time
Roxette : The Look
Roxette : Thing About You
Roxette : Things Will Never Be
Roxette : You Dont Understand Me
Roy Orbison : Pretty Woman
Royksopp : What Else Is There
Rufus Wainright : Hallelujah
Rui da Silva : Touch Me
Ruslan Alechno : Hasta la Vista
Russell Simins : Comfortable Place
Ryan Leslie : Addiction
Ryan Star : Brand New Day