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U.D.O. : Trainride in Russia
U2 : Acrobat
U2 : Beautiful Day
U2 : City Of Blinding Lights
U2 : Elevation
U2 : One
U2 : Stay (Far Away, So Close)
U2 : The Sweetest Thing
U2 : Vertigo
U2 : Walk on
U2 : With Or Without You
U96 : Inside Your Dreams
US5 : Baby Youre the One
US5 : Best Friends
US5 : Come Back To Me Baby
US5 : Endless Feeling
US5 : From the Heart
US5 : I Want You Back
US5 : In the Club
US5 : Just because of You
US5 : Last to Know
US5 : Mama
US5 : Nothing Left to Say
US5 : Rhythm Of Life
US5 : Round and Round
US5 : The Boys Are Back
US5 : The Day You Cried
US5 : The Rain
Underdog Project, The : Winter Jam
Urban Symphony : Randajad
Urge Overkill : Girl, Youll Be a Woman Soon
Uriah Heep : Echoes in the Dark
Uriah Heep : Rain
Uriah Heep : The Wizard
Used, The : A Box Full of Sharp Objects
Used, The : Blue And Yellow
Used, The : Hard to Say
Used, The : Maybe Memories
Used, The : On My Own
Used, The : The Bird And the Worm
Usher : Before I Met You
Usher : Caught Up
Usher : His Mistakes
Usher : If I Want to
Usher : Love in This Club
Usher : Moving Mountains
Usher : My Boo
Usher : Trading Places
Usher : Whats a Man to Do
Usher : Yeah
Usher : You Make Me Wanna